How blend your own pipe tobacco


Smoking is one of famous and interesting in word. Cigarette, shisha, pipe, cigar, electronic cigars and many others are popular from thousands of year.

Tobacco pipe lovers have special world, communication and same ideas in this respect. So you can find many articles in websites or other social Medias. Few weeks ago I read very useful article from Russ Ouellette, he mention about each tobacco specification and ideas to mixing tobacco, you can read here . . .

Unfortunately we have limits to reach unique origin pipe tobacco in Iran because of many legal problems (in Iran all tobaccos must pack for end user) and so you can not find original pure single origin pipe tobacco.
Also I know we have same difficulty in other countries and many of governments don’t let companies to sale bulk tobaccos.

So, we will check our possibility in this article to mixing brand tobaccos together to reach the best solution about our favotite taste. Very special thing in mixing and blinding tobaccos together is know about each tobacco specifications and character.
First step is discuss about each tobacco character.

Virginia: This type is small sweet and it burn fast with a lot of sugar and it can make more temperature in your pipe and you must pay attention, Color of virginia is brown and gold brown.

Burley: Earthy taste, burn slowly because this type of tobacco is oily, adding taste to this type is hard.

Oriental: This type of tobacco generally grows in Turkey and Syria. Taste of tobacco is strong and heavy, general taste of oriental is smoky and many of smokers have problem with oriental room note, so they try to smoke out of home if they prefer to try in cold seasons but it is easy to smoke.

Latakia: Latakia is subset of oriental and difference of them is latakia passing production. Producers hold oriental tobacco in close place and try with smoke, prepared by burning woods.

Cavendish: Cavendish is not type of tobacco but cavendish is very important in mixtures. Producers press virginia tobaccos under pressure, they will prepare in 2 way, adding additive or pure. But important thing is changing virginia tobacco to slow burning tobacco. Cavendish has a lot of suger and ready to reach additives.Tobacco producer use cavendish in many of mixtures.

Better to know about English mixtures

English mixture (American): Mixture of virginia and latakia tobacco and maybe touch of burly.

English mixtre (Scotish): Mixture of virginia and latakia and touch of pure cavendish.

How can I create my own tobacco

I think we must discuss about taste and aromas of each type of tobacco. So what I need? I need aromatic tobacco, original or english mixtures? How long my smoke will take?

I think last question is more important than others.
Please note that, filling tobacco in your chamber of pipe is very important and also pay attention that every standard chamber (not big or not small) will take 20 minutes to smoke or more.
So, if you burn tobacco in 5 minute it is better that you use vacume cleaner as your master pipe smoker!

Smoking pipe is like cooking, if you use strong flame, it will burn quickly.
Very simple example, when your start cooking and fire is low everything is ok and aroma is good but if you use strong flame aroma will heavy and taste is rough and maybe your tongue will burn.

If you want to check many kinds of tobaccos and blinds together, pay attention to  smoking time period and remember if you use aromatic tobaccos your flame must very light.

Now, we want to design strong, sweet and easy to fill pipe tobacco by mixing packed blinds. I choose Dunhill Standard mixture and Captain Black Gold to mix. Use 30g Dunhill and 20g Captain Black Gold and mix together and then put in close box. This is good idea if you add water (by spraying) to tobacco and let rest for a week.
In this way I change many kinds of tobaccos, english mixtures to aromatic but I think never you can change aromatic tobacco character to original taste. This is very important to think what you want to create before make mixtures.

Now test your mixture, in next article I will discuss and created mixture and discuss how you can add caramel to your tobacco.

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