About Us

Information about Cafe Artin and what we do

Artin Cafe was founded in 2005 by Mr. Artin Abrahamian
Professional activity, research and development and e-commerce have always been the components of Cafe Artin
Cafe Artin startup has so far spent more than tens of thousands of dollars on market research, importing machinery and tools, receiving samples, photography, sampling, social network development, website development, educational content production, article translation, personnel training, Holding and participating in the exhibition, visiting factories and stores, participating in training courses and also participating with many companies
Cafe Artin startup was born at a time when the Internet had very little influence in society and social networks either did not exist or were used very little, and we were in the Web 1 period
Coffee was very new and little known in Iran, 99% of people drink tea every day but they don’t know the difference between different types of tea and their names and production process, there were very few brands of tobacco pipe and pipe tobacco in Iran
Cafe Artin is the first content creation website about pipe, pipe tobacco, coffee and tea in Iran.
It has been one of the first home coffee maker distributors in Iran, which has achieved many successes, and it has been one of the first companies to organize coffee exhibitions
It is the first distributor who imported pipe tobacco in bulk and offered it in packages called Cafe Artin and performed the first reprocessing cycle of pipe tobacco and distributed the product in the market, which was well received by customers. have been
Implemented and sold the first modern packaging based on aluminum for coffee and tobacco
It has been among the first companies to offer Nespresso coffee and coffee makers in Iran and has published numerous articles in this field
It was the first website that published specialized articles on pipe and its production in Farsi (Persian) and some articles in English
Has published many specialized articles about coffee
Twinning and research and development methods to enter the coffee and pipe market and opened several branches in Tehran
Receiving many samples from coffee factories
Receiving many samples from pipe tobacco factories
experence in the branding of many famous pipe making brands (more than 5 brands) in Iran and sold their products with Cafe Artin’s guarantee.
Successful in social networks and social media, experienced sales methods in social networks, email marketing, SMS marketing, digital marketing and store sales
It was the first coffee shop that offered ground coffee when ordering and experienced the theory of selling coffee with automatic machines. (retail and wholesale)
It is the first specialty coffee and pipe online store in Iran, which has many customers in all cities of Iran
The first balsa pipe filter manufacturer in Iran, the owner of the exclusive Pinocchio brand that pipes are produced in Italy, the first handmade collection of pipe tamper with the Pinocchio brand, mixing and selling pipe tobacco with special packaging with the Cafe Artin brand
This is the reason for our persistence in the market
A market that has experienced booms, currency falls, embargoes, import bans, activity bans, and many sunny and snowy days
We have always tried to supply a product that is worthy of consumption and we have always examined and tested it in the supply cycle
We have put the correct way of using the products on social networks, we have shared our professional experiences with others and we have raised the industry